Becoming a Son via God's Curriculum

Supreme Privilege Today In The Grace of God's Salvation

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We have a supreme privilege today as sons of God in Christ in this present Grace of God's salvation. Never before in human history has this privilege been bestowed permanently upon men and women. There is a distinction between today's believer-saint versus that of Abraham, Moses, and David. Today, the Holy Spirit dwells in us who are true believers, for all who are lead by the Spirit are Sons of God (Romans 8). In contrast in times past, Abraham, Moses, and David were not permanently indwelled by the Spirit, rather, they were endued with the Spirit for specific time periods in order to accomplish specific duties. Abraham was endued with the Spirit for the demonstration of faith which Abraham performed, etc. … Moses was endued with the Spirit for for his faith in leadership over Israel and the writing of the Tenakh … David was endued with the Spirit for so many events leading up to his Kingship over Israel, and including all his tenue as King of Israel … And many other Old Testament saints were endued temporarily with the Spirit for specific duties. In contract, at this present time, believer-saints are permanent indwelled by the Holy Spirit. We have neither to pray to receive the Holy Spirit nor await the dwelling of the Holy Spirit. If any man have not the Spirit of Christ (dwell in you), he is none of his (Christ). Romans 8:9 It is a frightfully serious matter to deny that the Spirit of God does not dwell in us whom are believer-saints. If denied, the Word of God clearly teaches that that person does not belong to Christ as a son, therefore, that individual is not a saved soul.

It is paramount to understand the depth and gravity of privilege which we have been deposited with upon our salvation baptism in Christ by the Holy Spirit upon the moment of faith in Christ Jesus.

The person today who possesses the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, is called begotten of God as a Son. We as those possessed of the Holy Spirit inside our souls, we are allowed to partake as heirs of God in Christ, and joint-heirs with Christ, if we suffer for Christ: we are sons of God, and adopted sons by the Spirit of adoption (Romans 8:14-17). And there is a particular type of suffering which we progress unto for this attainment as joint-heirs with Christ Jesus. Moreover, the Holy Spirit fully helps us through these sufferings. That is why it is so important to understand the indwelling ministry of the Holy Spirit.

This spiritual indwelling of God the Holy Spirit is totally unique in all of God's dealings with mankind throughout history, since Adam to the present, even unto the full measure of the future eternal state. In that future eternal state, believer-saints will always be identified with this unique privilege and will be given standings in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, forever. Believer-saints will partake as heirs of God and the inheritance of Israel. And saints have the privilege of being joint-heirs with Christ, if we suffer for Christ. The good news is the we all do share together even now with Christ: the Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ (Ephesians 1:3).